3D Character Animator


I am an award-winning digital media artist, specializing in character animation.  I have a passion for motion and an eye for perfection.  Put my skills to work for you.


This is a showreel of my 3D work. I have acquired a passion for character animation as you will see in the video. I would also like to thank my professors and friends for their help and constant encouragement.

Why I am different

Movement indicates life in this world we live in. A bird flying, friends talking, or even just a tree moving in the wind gives our human mind the concept of life. As an animator it is my job to portray the illusion of life to the audience and make them believe that it is a living, breathing character.

After my 4 years studying animation at Huntington University, and a lifetime of playing video games, I have learned that if the character is not moving properly, the scene will never pan out. It comes down first and foremost to the character animator to make the project come to life. I have a passion for motion and an eye for perfection.

My Latest Work

Advertising Federation Best of Show – Nontraditional Advertising (2017)
Advertising Federation Gold Award – Video Campaign (2016)

My Skills

  • Animation
  • Modeling
  • Lighting
  • Rigging
  • Texturing

I work hard to realize your vision for the project and deliver animations in an affordable and timely manner.

What Others Are Saying

As one of my students, Lance Terpstra was always dedicated and extremely detailed oriented. One of his strengths was having a desire to contribute to the success of other people’s projects. This is not always a common attribute and I think it serves him very well for endeavors that involve working with others towards successful artistic and technical goals. Lance is a naturally gifted animator with a wonderful sense of motion that he brings to all of his projects.

Bryan Ballinger

Professor of Digital Media Arts, Huntington University

I had the privilege of working with Lance on several projects during our time at Huntington University. Lance enjoyed challenging himself with each new project, taking every opportunity to learn and improve. He was passionate in bringing his vision to the screen and was dedicated in overcoming the technical hurdles to do so. His diligence is unmatched in his goal to make every new project his best yet.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Animator and Children's Book Illustrator

Lance has a dedication to his work that is unmatched by anyone else I know. I have had the pleasure of working with him on my senior animation project, and he has been a force of inspiration, passion, and creativity, eager to take on challenges that many others would shy away from. He will do whatever it takes to achieve the best results, and encourages others in overcoming their obstacles. His proficient technical knowledge of 3D animation is complemented by a strong understanding of the principles of animation. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lance, and I will always recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled, passionate, and hard working 3D animator.

Luke Yurkovich

Freelance 3D Generalist & Motion Designer

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